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Rearview camera: does it make life easier for drivers 

It is believed that the rear view camera facilitates the parking process, after all. But is it possible to entrust the whole process to the cameras?
A rearview camera is a device that transmits an image from a video camera to a monitor. The video camera is installed on the car and allows you to control the parking process.
The principle of the camera. The camera turns on automatically when you turn on the reverse gear and immediately begins to transmit the image to the monitor, allowing you to see all the obstacles in the path of the car. The image from the camera can be transferred both to the standard multimedia system and to the installed additional monitor. It allows the driver to see even what the parking sensors are not able to recognize, this is an advantage of the rear view camera in front of the parking sensors. Parktronic usually does not give a complete picture of what is outside the car.
Cameras come in range from 3 to 10 meters, as well as in widths of 100, 120 and 170 degrees.
Who needs a rear view camera. Installing a rear view camera is primarily necessary for those drivers who move in the dark. The camera will help to avoid damage to the bumper and other parts of the car, as well as prevent staggering pedestrians. As it is known it happens that when parking in reverse or when turning in the dark, the risk of scratching the car increases several times due to limited visibility.
How is the installation of the rear view camera. You can install the camera either yourself or by contacting a special service station. Cameras are both wired and wireless, which facilitates the installation process. In order to make the installation yourself, you will need to purchase a rear-view camera and a monitor on which the image will be displayed, you can also use the multimedia system that is in the car. As a monitor, you can use a rearview mirror into which the video display device is embedded. All installation instructions are usually bundled with a rear view camera. If you do not have the skills and time to install, it is best to contact the service center and it is advisable to read reviews about it.
Before you give the keys to the car to a specialist, ask for an act of transfer and acceptance of the car to avoid unpleasant situations. The act must contain all the scratches and chips, both the body and the car interior. Before accepting a car, check it for new damage and only then sign the acceptance certificate and pay for the work performed.
Thanks to the rear-view camera, you get to avoid situations driving over to the rear-view camera is necessary for those drivers who drive a car in the dark. Also, the camera has an advantage over parktronic, which does not see all the obstacles. It greatly facilitates the process of parking, especially necessary for drivers with little driving experience who do not feel the dimensions of the car.

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