Roskontrol called the best black bread 

Samples of the five brands “What We Need!”, “Shchelkovo Bread”, “Every Day”, “Cheryomushki” and “Volga Baker” joined the fight for the title of the best darnytsky bread sliced. The study was conducted by the expert center of the All-Russian Consumer Union “Roskontrol”. The results can be found on the website of Roskontrol.
Experts refused to receive bread from the warehouses of retail chains. Instead, they bought samples in stores.
Roskontrol employees studied loaves in more than 40 parameters. “Darnitsky” had to correspond to the declared composition and the following consumer properties: sifting, promes, crumb moisture.
As the results of the study showed, all samples have the taste prescribed in GOST specifically for Darnitsky bread. In addition, there are no extraneous inclusions, crunch from mineral impurities, signs of disease and mold. At the same time, experts experienced a large amount of salt in all samples. Especially this food was felt in the “Volzhsky Paker” and “That is necessary!”. However, the amount of salt is not spelled out in GOST, so no violations were recorded. Also, the specialists did not encounter pesticides, and the content of toxic elements turned out to be low.
In this regard, all the studied black bread is recognized as safe. Rating topped the product from “What you need!”. Nevertheless, all the loaves of the above brands are allowed for further sale.
“Darnitsky” – one of the most popular types of rye-wheat bread. It was invented in the 1930s at the Levashovsky Bakery in St. Petersburg.

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