Russian customs, absolutely incomprehensible to foreigners 

Many foreigners consider Russians strange, talking about the mysterious Russian soul and absolutely illogical actions. So, we have a lot of traditions and habits that foreigners can neither understand nor explain.
We have collected the most common facts in the foreign press, which so greatly surprise the unfortunate guests of our country.
1. Russians do not often smile at outsiders. The smile comes only to the closest, but it is from the heart.
2. Food for the holiday or for the arrival of guests is preparing a lot more than you need.
3. The New Year – the main winter holiday – is celebrated much more pathetic than Christmas.
4. Russians speak at the table very long and ornate toasts.
5. It is customary for Russians to congratulate each other after a sauna or a soul, saying: “Enjoy your bath!”
6. People sit at the table not only to eat, but also to talk, and conversations can last for many hours.
7. For women of any age, except for grandmothers, refer to the “girl”.
8. Russian tell jokes to the place and out of place. They can interrupt the conversation with the phrase “I remembered a joke” and tell a joke that has nothing to do with the topic of conversation.
9. To the question “How are you?” The Russians answer with a detailed story, and not with a cliché “Thank you, everything is great.”
10. Most Russians regularly review Soviet cartoons.
11. Even going to the nearest grocery store, Russian girls dress like for a holiday.
12. Before you go on a trip, it is accepted to “sit down on the track”.
13. Russians often live with their parents. Living under the same roof of grandmothers, children and grandchildren does not bother anyone.
14. Visiting without a gift is considered bad form. Candy, alcohol, flowers – anything, but not empty-handed.

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