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Russian robot “Fedor” received a new name before the flight into space

Robot “Fedor” before the flight into space received a new name Skybot F-850, now it is delivered to the  rocket and space corporation “Energia” for pre-flight checks, told RIA Novosti in the corporation.
“The anthropomorphic robot avatar Skybot F-850 and its control equipment have been delivered to RSC Energia,” the corporation said.
Energia is the operator of the Russian segment of the ISS and the manufacturer of the Soyuz spacecraft, in one of which Fedor will fly. The robot has already passed the pre-flight test cycle in the corporation.
“The corporation’s specialists assessed the functioning of the robot systems, tested the virtual reality glasses and the exoskeleton (control suit that the operator puts on), and also checked that the robot performs the operations that the robot avatar will perform on board the International Space Station,” said Energia. .
The next step will be the development of operations for loading the robot into the layout of the descent vehicle of the Soyuz spacecraft (Ocean-5 simulator) and unloading from it. Earlier in the media there was information that “Fedor” did not fit into the hatch of the ship. The information had to be refuted by the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin . He told reporters that the robot really had to be reduced in the shoulders, although it was already placed in the hatch.
The first Russian “cyber cosmonaut” is scheduled to fly on the ISS on August 22 on the Soyuz MS-14 unmanned spacecraft. After docking, it will be transferred from the ship to the Russian segment of the station, where the Fedor under the control of cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov will perform several tasks.
“Fedor” (FEDOR – Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is the first Russian humanoid robot. The Ego has developed the Advanced Research Foundation in cooperation with the NGO “Android Technology” by order of the Emergencies Ministry as a rescue robot. Initially, the robot was developed in the framework of the Avatar project and bore this name. Rogozin, then deputy prime minister, gave his own name to the car. “Fedor” was the first robot in the world to learn how to do the splits. He also learned to shoot a pistol from two hands, but then, due to European sanctions, the manufacturer lost access to a number of foreign parts.
In the summer of 2018, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti that Roskosmos is considering the possibility of flying to the ISS on an unmanned Soyuz MS vehicle in 2019 of two robots at once. As reported, the project received the name “cyberkick”. Later “Roskosmos” recognized the beginning of the preparation of the robot for flight.
In the future, the Fedor will become the first tester of the new Russian piloted ship Federation, the first launch of which is planned in 2022 by the Soyuz-5 (Irtysh) launch vehicle from the Baikonur cosmodrome. It is not excluded that in the future “Fedor” will also go to the “Federation” to fly around the moon.

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