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Russian villagers complained about the mysterious creature

Residents of the village near Smolensk complain that an unknown animal, which they call the chupacabra, sucks the blood out of their pets, leaving untouched meat. About this newspaper “Work Path”.
One and a half thousand people from the village of Bogorodskoye are sure that the chupacabra is capable of jumping over two-meter fences, jumping on the roofs and killing animals. According to them, she has ravaged around 400 chickens and seven goats, as well as cats and rabbits since April.
Residents told Olga Gradova, correspondent of the “Working Village”, that animals were sometimes killed 40 pieces per night. The inhabitants were most frightened when seven goats died at a time. A single wound was found in the birds – a small hole in the back, and in the beasts the spines were broken and two holes were found in the neck. During the night, while the correspondent was in the village, the killings did not happen, but the boards along with the nails were torn off in one of the sheds, and there were teeth marks on the door.
On July 5, a resident of the Ukrainian village of Ivanovka in the Poltava region declared that he had killed one chupacabra. The creature attacked his pets, which is why he accidentally struck him with a stick. She and her neighbor decided it was a chupacabra. Results of veterinary clinic tests are unknown.
Chupacabra (isp. Chupacabras from chupar – “suck”, and cabra – “goat”, “goat vampire”) is a character in the urban legend that originated in the 1950s, when several dead goats were found in Puerto Rico blood was sucked. Researchers consider this creature to be fictional and deny its existence.

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