Scientists have discovered the secret of sudden death

Sudden death from cardiac arrest is often associated with “silent heart attacks,” which occur in adolescence and are often almost asymptomatic. This conclusion came Finnish scientists, the results of their research published by the journal JAMA Cardiology.
The researchers analyzed the sudden deaths of 5,869 people in Northern Finland who died suddenly between 1998 and 2017. Scars on the heart were found in 1322 of them at the autopsy, which indicates earlier attacks that occurred long before death.
The article presents typical attacks of impending cardiac catastrophe: nausea, severe sweating, muscle pain, indigestion, numbness of the extremities, dizziness, sudden fatigue and discomfort in the chest.
“An interesting and important point in the cited study is the fact that almost 70% of the studied cases had ECG changes indicating the so-called“ silent ”ischemia, which once again underlines the importance of the electrocardiogram as a screening method for not only stable ischemic disease but also the risk of sudden death, ”said Oleg Volkov , medical director of Angioline LLC, in an interview with the Russian Planet .

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