Scientists have found that IVF increases the risk of breast cancer in women

The results of the research were presented by experts from the University of Copenhagen at the annual meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, which was held June 23-26 in Vienna.
Professor of the University of Copenhagen, Ditte Vassard, said that her colleagues had studied health data of more than 625 thousand Danish women (women were monitored for two decades), some of whom had undergone IVF.
A leading expert of the study said that women who had received assisted reproductive therapy in their time had a 10% higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who conceived a child in a natural way.
This risk increased to 31% if the woman began treatment for infertility after 40 years, taking into account the zero degree correction (absence of children).
And women who first experienced the joy of motherhood through IVF over the age of 40 risk 65% more of their peers who become pregnant without the help of doctors.
Experts suggest that the reason lies in changes in the hormonal background of women, because usually the procedure of in vitro fertilization and preparation for it involves taking potent drugs.
To the results of the new study, the medical community perceived ambiguous. While the chairman of the British Fertility Society, Jane Stewart, recommends that patients be warned about possible dangers in advance and the use of drugs and dosages be kept to a minimum, his colleague from Liverpool Hospital believes that this discovery should not be alarming. Dr. Roy Farkharson encourages specialists to initiate further research to confirm increased risks.

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