After the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia, which had fought for centuries over its history for freedom and independence, re-lived through several tragic years, and it is still associated in the minds of many people with war and disruption. Apparently, this is one of the reasons that, to our time, Serbia still has not gained fame as a popular tourist center on a par with France or Italy, although you can relax here all year.
In the summer, people come here to swim in crystal clear lakes and float under the rivers, as well as go on ethnographic tours. In winter, go skiing in the ski resort of Kopaonik, where, if winter is given early and snowy, the season opens in November.
Balneological resorts with healing procedures are available all year round. Similarly, in any month, by the behest of your soul, you can go on a pilgrimage tour of Serbia, where you can’t find the Orthodox shrines of monasteries located in the most beautiful corners of nature.
And, of course, on any day of the year, ancient cities in Serbia are beautiful, restaurants of national cuisine are good, people are friendly, who sincerely consider Russians to be brothers, and therefore to be the most valuable guests.
And finally, vacation in Serbia is very budget compared to the rest of popular Europe.
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