Shipulin awaits indicative “executions” for Russians caught on doping

Olympic champion in biathlon Anton Shipulin sure that even tighter sanctions should be introduced for mentors and doctors who are pushing athletes to use banned substances, Soviet Sport reports.
He is very upset by the fact that politics continues to penetrate into sport. Shipulina is not satisfied that because of the unproved accusations of one person, his native country suffers for three years. The ex-biathlete cannot understand why, for example, when they catch dope in Austria, the hype around this event quickly subsides, while the Russians have long been deprived of the most important dream – to get to the Olympic Games, to perform at international competitions.
“It’s clear that there are certain problems in Russia. Recently, Vladimir Putin signed a bill on fines for doping for athletes and coaches. It needs to be tightened so that no one could think about offering doping to an athlete. It would be a criminal punishment. 2 -3 indicative executions so that even young athletes realize the seriousness of possible guilt, “Shipulin said on the Russia 24 TV channel.
Earlier it became known that the Union of Biathlon of Russia (SBR) can be restored to the rights in the fall.

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