Shnurov made fun of the figure Sobchak in a swimsuit 

The poetic confrontation between Sergei Shnurov and  Ksenia Sobchak is gaining new momentum. The next verse of the socialite was accompanied by a video of how she emerges from the water in a bathing suit. Sobchak showed the singer buttocks in a bikini. Cords immediately criticized them.
“You offer me to come together
In an honest rhetorical battle,
The ass is not the first freshness
In Instagram post its.
Loose, wide but flat
Flabby monstrous agility,
And swimsuit colored stripes
This inconsistency is not covered up ”
– read the verses Sergey Shnurov.
At the same time, the soloist of the “Leningrad” group responded to Sobchak’s call to go to Versus Battle. According to Shnurov, his years are not the same. In his youth, a singer could agree, but only in the dark and drunk, so as not to see the deformity of Ksenia Sobchak. Also Shnurov did not forget to mention her new lover – Konstantin Bogomolov .
“Experienced and therefore cheerful,
Once cut, and then measure seven,
One glance went out at the director.
Why? It is clear to everyone now.
Looks and does not seem to believe
Crocodile or goose skin
Enjoy can fully.
Well, I, probably, will refrain. ”

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