Simple things to make your family happier

If you are determined to stay together forever, then look at our selection of useful recommendations that will help strengthen relationships and preserve marriage.
We have collected 25 things that will help with humor to treat a variety of situations arising in family life, and to understand that together you will be able to overcome any difficulties.
1. Find your special place.
It can be a restaurant or just a cafe, where you often come in to have a cup of coffee together. Or perhaps you have a secret place in the park where you walk or play sports. Such “special” places bring together very close and are remembered with good moments.
2. Good manners
“Thank you” and “please”, you see, it’s not so difficult to say. Always thank your soul mate and show that you appreciate all her efforts. It does not matter whether it is cleaning, cooking, reading a book together or something else. It is important for a person to understand that you like what he does. And if not, just say so.
3. Know when to say certain words.
At the very beginning of the relationship you are in love, and you are satisfied with almost everything in the partner. But over time, rose-colored glasses fall off, and you begin to notice those little things that, in fact, did not pay any attention to before. Therefore, it is important to stop in time and, perhaps, not to utter certain phrases that may offend or hurt your elect. But to apologize or admit that you were wrong, it’s never too late! Even if it is not. Time to pay off a conflict is a very important quality in a relationship.
4. Support each other in difficult moments.
Be sure that during the marriage you will fall a lot of tests. But it is important to deal with them together and remember that all bad things will always end sooner or later.
5. Allow your chosen one to enjoy the remains
It does not matter whether it is the last tasty cake or your favorite drink. Well, not always! But periodically, let us understand the spouse that you do not feel sorry for him. Even the latest shirt, if needed.
6. Dress up for each other
If you try on another outfit, thinking that colleagues / friends / just passersby think about you, and at home defile in a robe and with a bun on your head, then be sure that your spouse will no longer see a sexy woman in you and turn his gaze to anything left. Do you need this?
7. Spending time with other married couples that you like.
This will help strengthen your own affection and understand how close your chosen one is to you.
8. To be able to forgive each other
When people live together for a long time, they become annoyed over trifles. However, it is very important to skip this phrase and be able to apologize in time and forgive your chosen one.
9. Find common values.
Opposites, of course, attract, but over time it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with certain situations, if you and your spouse are looking in opposite directions. Similar views help strengthen relationships and prove that you really chose your person.
10. Create your own traditions that will be understood only by you.
For example, every Saturday, go for a walk in the park, celebrate your personal date (meetings, kisses, weddings), delight each other with cute cards, bouquets, sweets or other things.
11. Leave each other love letters
On the bed, on the fridge or just on lipstick on the mirror. This raises the spirits and shows the person that he takes all your thoughts.
12. Respect your chosen one
Never show (especially in public) disrespectful attitude to your second half. First, it is very unpleasant. And secondly, it speaks badly about you first of all, because you yourself chose this person, therefore you should not criticize him in public.
13. Celebrate every year.
It does not matter whether it is a chic restaurant with friends or a table for two on the ocean. The main thing is that this day will be special for you, and once again you give the opportunity to remember how your story began.
14. Print joint photos and frame them
Taking pictures on a computer or phone is, of course, good, but nothing is more touching than viewing family photos lovingly placed in a room.
15. Kiss each other instead of greeting and parting
It brings together and allows you to enjoy the moments of happiness.
16. To compliment your chosen one
Especially in public. Believe me, it is very important for a person to know that he is still attracting you and you really love him.
17. Making your soul mate laugh
Knowing with humor applies to any situation – this is really an art that you especially appreciate when living with a person for more than one year. If you are really good together and you smile, looking at each other, then you can not worry about your marriage. After all, nothing brings you together like laughter!
18. Leave time for yourself
Do not forget about your interests. Spending time together is, of course, very important, but you must have your own hobbies. You can not completely dissolve in a person, forgetting about yourself.
19. Disconnect phones and enjoy each other.
Make it a rule to turn off all the gadgets a few days a week and spend time with each other. Together. Be sure to find time for this. After all, friends, relatives and work will wait, but a loved one at some point may begin to move away from you.
20. Allow the chosen one to be active
Perhaps not every day. But from time to time let our beloved take everything into their own hands and do something on their own. Let him feel important and understand that you trust him.
21. Come up with your own language or jokes that only you can understand.
Let it be any favors or words associated with certain pleasant moments. The main thing is that the two of you understand what is at stake, and mysteriously smile at their own funny expressions.
22. Try something new
It is so important not to get bored in a relationship and to surprise your soulmate every time. You may want to attend a dance class, a yoga studio, go hiking or learn to cook together. The main thing that it gives you pleasure and pulls together.
23. Remember the good moments
So nice, looking at pictures or listening to some composition, suddenly say at the same time: “Do you remember how we are?” .
24. Show kindness
Do not forget to take care of your half and be sure that she will answer you the same. Besides, taking care is another way to express how much you love your chosen one.
25. Celebrate small victories
Reward yourself or your chosen one for any, even the smallest achievements. Do not ignore such moments and be attentive to what is really important for your spouse.

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