Despite the fact that Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe, its rich history consisting of endless conquests and liberations will be envied by any superpower. By the way, it is for all that it is often compared to Switzerland. This land was conquered by the Romans and the barbarians, Charlemagne and the Venetians, for a long time it was part of Austria-Hungary, then it was one of the republics of communist Yugoslavia. Since 1991, Slovenia is an independent state. And the complicated story ultimately presented Slovenia with many interesting customs and originality of the national cuisine. 

Anyone who comes here wonders how so many different things fit on such a tiny territory. Here there are karst caves in Postojna Pit, and high mountains with ski slopes in Kranjska Gora and Bohinj, and deep lakes in Bled, and sea mud in Portorož on the Adriatic coast. Add to this the medieval city of Piran and the palaces of Ljubljana, the tranquil atmosphere and the hospitality of the locals, and you get a country where you can relax your body and soul.
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