So, you lost a corkscrew

The situation when you need to open a bottle of wine, but there is no corkscrew at hand, is familiar to everyone. We tell what to do and what improvised means can fit right now:
This way is much easier than it might seem. Screw the screw gently into the cork with scissors. Then take the fork, place it in such a way that the screwdriver is fixed between the teeth. You will have an improvised replacement of corkscrews. It remains only to pull a little and the cork will succumb!
Do not take a large kitchen knife for cutting meat. A marching folding knife will suit you, and ideally – not too sharp. Stick the tip of the knife into the cork to a depth of about one and a half centimeters. Tightly (!) Wrap the knife with a towel or shirt, grasp firmly and, turning, pull out the stopper.
Pencil and two paper clips
It will take any hard wire. Paper clips are perfect. Straighten the paper clips, leaving hooks like fishing hooks on the tips. Carefully push the hooks between the neck and the cork of the bottle (it seems that this is impossible, but it is not at all so!). Hook the cork with hooks, and tie the two tips together. To make it easier to pull the cork, place a pencil, a pen, or any other long and sufficiently strong object under the ends. You have in your hands again improvised corkscrew with a handle. Pull!

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