Solved the mystery of the mysterious artifact 

Experts have identified a shard of green glass with patterns, found in the ruins of a Roman villa in the village of Chadworth, Gloucestershire (England). It turned out that it is a fragment of a bottle made on the territory adjacent to the Black Sea and used to store exotic perfumes. Reports the edition about it The Guardian.
The splinter was found in the summer of 2017, but so far it has not been possible to determine the type of bottle. The results of the analysis, which was conducted by experts from around the world, showed that the glass vessel was long, had an oval shape with a sharp end. This type of bottle corresponds to a fish-shaped artifact stored in the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. Another similar item was found in Chersonesos, in the Crimea.
The fact that the shard was found in the ruins of a villa in the UK indicates that the owner of the house was a rich person with high social status, because he had connections with people living in remote parts of the Roman Empire and most likely had significant influence.

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