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Solved the riddle of creating Stonehenge

Scientists at Newcastle University ( UK ) concluded that the builders of Stonehenge used lard to transport massive stones on a sled. This is reported in a press release on
The researchers found fat on the shards of pottery found during the excavation of the Darlington Walls megalithic settlement, located 3.2 kilometers from Stonehenge. Here lived people who participated in the construction of cromlech. The analysis showed that the fat was in vessels that looked more like buckets, and not dishes for cooking and serving food. Scientists believe that the containers found were used to store fat.
Researchers now recognize that the huge megaliths that make up Stonehenge have been displaced by human power. Experiments have shown that stones, which reach a height of eight meters, and weigh up to two tons, could be moved by 20 people, placing them on sleds that slid on logs. Most likely, the logs or the sled itself were lubricated to reduce friction.
According to scientists, archaeological finds provide only part of the overall picture, so you need to look for additional evidence of such use of pork fat.

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