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South Korean military recorded a UFO

A train of an unidentified flying object on the screens of its radar was recorded by the South Korean military. The object flew in a closed flight area near the military-demarcation line.
“This afternoon, near the military-demarcation line in the central area, the radar was fixed to a train of an indefinite flying object, trying to establish its identity,” said the joint committee of the chiefs of staff of the South Korean armed forces. The words of the military led the site agency “Renhap”.
The object is fixed at an altitude of 4.5 kilometers. UFO flew over the military-demarcation line and disappeared from the radar. Until now, it was not clear whether the radar displayed a drone, a plane, an aerostat, or just a flock of birds.
According to updated information, an unidentified flying object turned out to be a flock of wild geese. They flew through the no-fly zone, huddling together in a flock of about 20 birds.

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