Spouses fell in love with a girl and created a Swedish family 

Young Australian spouses lived together as an ordinary family, until they met a girl whom they both fell in love with without memory. The husband and wife decided to expand the framework of the generally accepted unit of society and divide the bed into three. Young people claim to be happy together and basking in love and mutual understanding.
Learn how a non-standard family lives from our material. Rosie Haley, 24, is married to 23-year-old Ty. They met the 23-year-old Keneshia Petty in Tinder.

A married couple from Australia formed a Swedish family. At first, Rosie confessed to her husband that she was bisexual. Then, together with her husband in May 2018, they met Kenesya, and after two months of communication they decided to live in a threesome.
The young people engaged in engagement, despite the fact that their parents do not accept a polygamous marriage.
Ty and Rosie met when they were 17 years old, and got married a year later. Two years later, the spouse admitted that she felt attracted to both men and women.
The young couple registered in Tinder and met with student Kenesya. For a while Rosie and Ty went on dates with the girl alternately. Both fell in love with her at once, and she had a crush on her boyfriend and girlfriend. They decided to create a triad and since then are inseparable.

In November 2018, Rosie made Keneshje an offer, and Ty joined the romantic moment on Skype, because at that time he was away. In February 2019, he returned and also made an offer to a common lover. Together, they plan to have a wedding next year.
For young people, polygamy is love and freedom. They say their relationship is full of understanding, respect and support.
When three of us live, the Swedish family has to make compromises, especially when it comes to women’s wardrobe.
Young people do not consider polygamous relationships to be immoral or wrong. They claim that they are not crazy and not sectarians, but really love each other. Girls and a guy get along perfectly under the same roof and are placed on the same bed, ignoring the generally accepted views on the family.

It turns out that the Swedish family from Australia is not one of a kind. These young people from the United States also fell in love with the same girl and decided to live together. We think that these unusual unions would be nice to meet and share the experience of love for three.

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