Start list “24 hours of Le Mans” increased to 62 cars 

The organizers of the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race, Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), announced the expansion of the marathon start list from 60 to 62 crews. Two LMP2 category cars were added to the participants: Ligier No. 32 United Autosports and ORECA No. 20 of the Danish High Class Racing team.
The start list “24 hours of Le Mans” is limited by the number of boxes on the track – for many years there were 56 of them, and just as many cars went at the start, although there were more applications. Three years ago, the organizers completed four more boxes, and since then 60 cars have participated in the race. In order to bring this number to 62, two more boxes will be built between the race control tower and the first boxes.
Pierre Filon, president of ACO: “In February, the selection committee faced a more serious challenge than it had been in recent years. We had 75 applications – all very worthy – and it was extremely difficult to choose 60 of them, I would even say “only 60”. We quickly came to the conclusion that we had to find a way to accept a larger number of participants, and our team at ACO confirmed the feasibility of adding two boxes to the pit lane.

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