Strange inventions that have been patented

Patents for inventions began to be issued in the United States at the end of the 18th century. And immediately thousands of Kulibins rushed to create a huge number of strange, funny, and sometimes frankly unnecessary things.
Horse umbrella
Inventor Edward T. Balch, for example, seriously attended to the health and comfort of animals. In particular, horses. He decided to protect the artiodactyls from sunstroke and designed an umbrella for them from the sun. Balch also claimed that his invention well repels insects from animals. The invention was patented in 1870. True, since then no one has heard of umbrellas for horses.
Shaped vegetables
But the invention of the designer of toys, Richard Thudeldell, was more fortunate, his particularly enthusiastic farmers sometimes use now. In 1989, Tuddell developed the so-called “vegetable-formers, which make it possible to give a rather amusing look to ordinary vegetables. The designer made several forms of transparent plastic that were put on the ovary of vegetables to give them an unusual shape: hearts, cubes, as well as “faces” of various famous people (for example, Elvis Presley , Ronald Reagan and  Margaret Thatcher ).
Hacking shoes
In 1858, the inventor F. S. Goffin designed a device that could notify the owner of the house about the entry of strangers into the dwelling. “The main hero” was the shoes. During the day, the device could be used as a regular support for removing boots, and at night it became a kind of “alarm”. It was necessary to substitute the “support” with the boot on the door, which, when opened, released a spring in the device, causing the sole of the shoe to knock loudly on the threshold.

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