Summer collaboration glo and fashion brand Artem Krivda 

On June 22 and 23, in the Kolomenskoye estate, the JAZZ Manor Festival was held.
The official partner of JAZZ Manor is the tobacco heating technology glo. Especially for the festival, the brand team prepared a collaboration with the designer Artem Krivda, the results of which were presented in the glo zone.
Also, the brand introduced a new series of glo mini in bright colors outside the templates.
The tobacco heating technology glo continues a series of collaborations with successful Russian fashion brands: especially on the occasion of the release of a bright and compact device, glo mini producer, designer and founder of the brand of the same name, Artem Krivda created a belt bag with interchangeable elements – ideal for summer outside the templates.
As planned by Artyom, the bag will be released in a universal black color with steel fittings, but thanks to removable multicolored pullers, the shades of which have something in common with the shades of the glo mini devices, the accessory has turned out to be very summer.
The desire to be outside the templates combines the glo brand and the Artem Krivda brand – this is what dictates the decision to add interchangeable elements to the bag, which will allow each holder of the accessory to make it individual.

“Style is always a matter of individuality,” emphasizes Artyom.
According to Artem, the Artem Krivda brand receives many requests for collaborations, but cooperates only with those whose values ​​coincide with the DNA of its brand:
“It is important for us to surprise our customers every time with new collections in which I put my thoughts, experiences, ideas. We think over all the presentations and events in detail, and the image that has been created for the past 5 years is important for us. We saw all these points in the glo brand, which was always appealing to me for trying to experiment. ”
The glo mini device is compact and almost weightless, it retains all the advantages of the previous version: intuitive control with just one button, the ability to perform a sufficient number of sessions (up to fifteen) without recharging, and, of course, a stylish design. glo mini is made in a completely new 8 colors out of patterns – it is a rich, almost glowing scarlet color, cool sapphire blue, thick purple, summer sunny yellow, energetic orange, juicy green and blue like transparent sea water, and for fans of the classics – coal black.
Artem Krivda worked on shows for the best Russian and European brands, until in 2014 he decided to create his own.
In just 5 years, the Artem Krivda brand has gained thousands of fans and has acquired the reputation of a clothing brand for fashionable modern residents of the metropolis, which are equally important relevance and comfort.

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Kryvda understands perfectly what should be the design of the waist bag of an adult tobacco consumer – he himself uses glo mini:
“Now waist bags are in fashion, the whole life is stored there, it’s convenient to wear the glo device itself, which is used several times every day.”

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