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The baker’s ridiculous mistake made Web users laugh

A resident of the US state of Georgia received a birthday cake with the ridiculous mistake of a baker. Reports the edition about it The Sun.
The mother of 25-year-old Kensli Davis decided to order a cake for her daughter’s birthday. She asked to be decorated with images of Moana – the main character of the girl’s favorite Disney cartoon of the same name. However, the bakery staff heard the woman wrong and made a cake with decorations in the form of marijuana leaves.
This case amused the American, and she posted a photo of the confection on her Facebook page. In the picture you can see the treat, which depicts a horse in a state of intoxication and congratulations on his birthday. Davis noted that the cake was very tasty.
The publication has become viral and has collected more than 13 thousand likes, 14 thousand retweets and hundreds of comments. Network users amused bug bakery. “Please make me the same for my birthday,” they wrote ironically. “I can’t stop laughing. It’s very funny! ”- commented others. “You look at the eyes of the ponies,” some scoffed.

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