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The blogger who sold water from the bath was exposed 

The blogger Belle Delphine deceived subscribers by stating that she was selling water that she washed in her bathroom. This was the conclusion reached by the user Reddit with the nickname Watevzzzzzzz, who exposed the girl.
The user introduced himself as a molecular biologist and said that he had analyzed water from a can advertised by Delfin on his website. As a result, he found that there are no traces of human DNA.
The user suggested that in this way the girl wanted to prevent others from recognizing her complete genotype. This could have been done if she had really washed herself with water from a can. According to Watevzzzzzzz, every buyer who keeps a check is entitled to sue Delfin.
In the comments to the post user DeathByPigeon put the biologist’s statement into question. He referred to Post Delfin on Instagram, in which she claims that she sent water to only one blogger, Pyrocyincal. In response, Watevzzzzzzz admitted that he got the water through an acquaintance, and he did not order it from the store’s website.
Dolphin put water out of its bathroom for sale in early July. It is sold in small banks on the site of a model shop at a price of $ 30 (about two thousand rubles).

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