The Countess of Wessex became the only daughter-in-law to arrange the queen

The current Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II , has four children – Crown Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Despite the high title, the head of the monarchy had to face all the difficulties of ordinary parents – children’s diseases, teenage riots, disobedience, and, of course, constant anxiety for their children, no matter how old they were.
It was rumored that the favorite of the wife of Elizabeth, Prince Philip, was always Andrew. Perky temper, popularity with the opposite sex, scandalous antics falling into the front pages of the media – the Duke of York always behaved not very befitting of his origin.
But the queen most of all loved the younger son, Prince Edward. According to rumors, it was he who got the most maternal care and attention. Perhaps this influenced the fact that the Earl of Wessex arranged his personal life best of all, and his wife became the only beloved daughter-in-law of the monarchy.
Sophie Rees-Jones succeeded where Diana Spencer and  Sarah Ferguson were defeated. In January, the couple celebrated 20 years from the date of the wedding, their relationship is still ideal and serves as an example for their children.
Ingrid Seward, the royal biographer, believes that the matter is in the character and professional skills of the countess – she worked as a public relations specialist.
“Any romance with a member of the royal family is conducted on their terms, Sarah and Diana fought it, and Sophie simply accepted. If she was overcome by doubts and complaints, then nobody ever knew about it, outwardly she was calm and benevolent herself, ”the expert Express quotes.

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