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The couple sent the guests obscene wedding invitation 

The bride and groom sent wedding invitations in which they used profanity. According to the Daily Mirror, the guests were surprised by this step of the future newlyweds.
A photo with a postcard was posted in one of the wedding wedding groups on Facebook. From the very greeting to the guests refer to the word “freak”. Then the mat is regularly found in the text, including in the request to reply: “So you will come ***? Come on *** ”
Instructions were given on the back of the invitation and they also contained swear words. Guests were asked not to be “lazy *******” and look for hotels and taxis to get to the ceremony themselves on the Internet.
In the comments, users called such an invitation “terrible” and “tasteless.” One of the users noted that he was cussing like a shoemaker, but even he would have had enough tact to guess not to send such an invitation to friends and relatives. “This, by the way, is not even funny, not funny, and not original,” said another member of the group.

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