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The creator of the show “Bachelor” beat a pregnant wife 

The wife of the American producer, the creator of the TV show “The Bachelor” Mike Fleis accused him of the attack. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.
31-year-old Laura Fleiss claims that the 55-year-old spouse attacked her because of her refusal to have an abortion. At the disposal of The Hollywood Reporter got the statement of the woman, it attached photos of the effects of the attack.
Laura Fleiss, winner of the Miss America 2012 contest, said that the conflict over her pregnancy lasted several days, all this time the four-year-old son of the couple was nearby.
On July 10, the woman filed for divorce; the couple lived in marriage for five years.
“He said:“ You have a choice: either have an abortion, or go back to Wisconsin, but you will not take your son with you, ”stated Laura Fleiss in a statement.
Then, according to her, the spouse turned to insults, rudely pressed her against the wall and held her. Another time, the producer pushed his wife hard as she stood on the footboard of his van. He also threatened to push her down the stairs, says Laura Fleiss.
“I was afraid of Mike because of his threats and verbal abuse,” the woman said.
The court issued a temporary restraining order against the producer (obliges to keep away from the applicant). A hearing on the long-term injunction is scheduled for August 6.
Fleis worked on the projects “Bachelor”, “Who wants to marry a millionaire,” was the producer of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and the movie “Hostel”.

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