The difficult path of the Last Miss USSR, which ended in same-sex marriage 

“The Last Miss USSR” is the name given to Yulia Lemigova. Her life was such that you can shoot an entire series with a happy ending.
Like in a dream
Julia’s life can be compared with the well-known fairy tale – “Cinderella”. Her good fairy turned out to be Alexander Stefanovich (ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva ). Julia went on a date with her boyfriend, but as it turned out, she confused the meeting place. Alexander, passing by, offered to give her a lift to the meeting place, but the guy was no longer there. To raise the mood of the upset girl, Alexander invited her to a restaurant.
“Yulia said she was nineteen years old, although at that time she was in the tenth grade. As she said herself, she hides her age so that her boyfriends do not run away. It was then that I told her that the next meeting would be only when she turned eighteen. She burst into tears and ran away. Gradually, our communication became closer and I decided that Julia could try herself in the modeling business. ”
Being in the right place at the right time, a chance meeting soon changed her life.
“I added her to the agency of our old friend, at whom Alla and I were having a wedding at the dacha. Babek Sirush owned one of the first agencies of our country – “Idols”. The first beauty contests, thanks to my connections, Julia won in the contest “Miss Moscow”, and then the most interesting began. Competition “Miss USSR” – I made all possible efforts to Julia put on a crown. But everything turned out differently, a representative from Belarus won, and Yulia was awarded the title of first Vice-Miss. ”
“I was furious, because I was sure that victory would be ours. Then I went to Sarah and Merlin, the jury of the jury from France and England. I called them traitors. To which they called me aside and explained their decision: “Alexander, in the contract with the participants, it is indicated that the winner will be obliged to advertise the Dutch company all his life. Does your protege need this for a career?” A little thought, I was forced to admit that they are right. ”
In 1991, the All-Union competition was canceled due to the collapse of the USSR, and it was decided to send the winner of last year to Miss Universe. It was then that luck turned its face to Julia Lemigova. The winner of last year was married, and this was contrary to the rules of the show. Therefore, Vice-Miss – Julia went to Las Vegas. And let her take only the second place, the glory was not long in coming.
Julia moved to Paris to let the main casting agencies know about her. She took part in the filming for top brands in the world.
Model business for Yulia turned out to be small and she opened her Jolya SPA-salon and opened her cosmetic company “White Russia”.
It seems everything was going well, but Julia’s personal life did not go well.
Loss of the dearest person
Alexander talks about meeting with Julia in Paris.
“The next anniversary of our acquaintance was a pleasant occasion to meet. We met in the restaurant Closerie des Lilas, which was visited by the most famous people: Lenin, Picasso, Modigliani, Hemingway and others. She took a postcard advertising the restaurant and signed it: “Sashechka, you changed my destiny. At first you won my heart, and then raised and taught everything. Whatever happens to me, you will always be in my heart, do not forget it. I love as before, Julia “, but we had different lives. I was looking for new protege, and Julia was looking for true love. ”
Rumors claimed that Yulia had an affair with Boris Yeltsin, one of the confidants, Boris Fedorov . The man was implicated in the two largest criminal scandals of the 90s. And in 1996 an attempt was made on him, during which a girl was injured. Julia’s acquaintances thought it was her, but fortunately everything quickly fell into place.
And may her life be filled with mystery, everyone knew about her affair with the banker Edward Stern. In 1998, for the sake of Julia, Edward divorced, and soon the lovers learned that they would have a child. And in personal life, everything is fine, but just before the birth of the child, the couple fell out and Edward left. Julia was left alone, and soon she had a son, whom she called Maximilian.
Find a photo of Edward Stern.
“I saw her son when he was three months old. Then Julia told me that she had a bad feeling. It seemed to her that she was being watched. ”
Unfortunately, the intuition did not let Yulia down; in just a few weeks, she found Maximilian dead, and the nurse, who remained with the baby, disappeared without a trace.
“It was obvious that the murder was due to money. After all, Maximilian could claim part of the great inheritance of Edward Stern. The investigation diligently overlooked this fact and went the other way. Julia was heartbroken, and she was taken into custody. According to French law, investigators do not have the right to detain more than 90 days without a trial, so after 89 days Julia was released only having received an apology. ”
Julia received a severe psychological trauma, and the perpetrators of the murder of her son could not be found. Five years later, Stern was found in his own mansion, he was killed by a prostitute, with whom he had a relationship for four years. When he was found, he was wearing a pink latex suit. As the investigation found out, during a BDSM game, his girlfriend killed him for refusing to pay her a million dollars.
Under the veil of secrecy
Until 2008, Julia carefully concealed her personal life, during which time she gave birth to two daughters – Victoria (18 years old) and Emma (13 years old). She refuses to give the names of the fathers, and perhaps this is due to the unexpected confession she made in 2009.
She attributed romance with the most influential men in the world, but no one would have thought that she would connect her life with a woman.
“In 2001 I met Martin Navratilova, when she was the first racket, a legend of world tennis. I’m certainly not a fan of tennis, but we quickly found a common language. Our second meeting took place in a restaurant; I was with a full tray of food. She met my daughters. And during lunch I realized that I would like to meet with her again. ”
“I grew up in the USSR, then no one knew that there was same-sex love, only in London I learned that this could be. But Martina, since the 1980s, has openly demonstrated her relationships with women. ”
“Martina quickly became friends with Victoria and Emma, ​​we often saw each other and my feelings for her grew. The daughters saw that I was happy and did not ask any questions. They appeared only when information about our novel appeared in the media. One day the girls came home upset and started asking me questions. Then I told them the whole truth and asked if Martina and I could get together and if she could become their second mom. The conversation turned out to be difficult, but Victoria finally said that she did not mind and wanted Martina to live with us. ”
Happy end
Already in 2009, Julia and Martina did not hide their romance, they went everywhere together and did not hesitate to show their feelings. Everyone around knew Navratilova as a lover of short novels and thought that women would soon break off the relationship. However, something happened that no one expected. Navratilova became seriously ill and Julia supported her beloved in everything. The disease brought two women together and soon Martina not only recovered, but also returned to the sport.
During the US Open semi-finals (September 6, 2014), Martina made her lover an offer in front of the crowded stadium. She got up on one knee and put a ring on Julia with the words: “For six years we were together. Without you there is no meaning in my life. Marry me”.
The field of how Julia answered “yes”, Martina shared her impressions.
“Not to put it in words. how nervous I was, but she said yes to me. I used to see how they make an offer at such events, but I didn’t even imagine how cool it was. ”
Due to the fact that same-sex marriages are prohibited in Florida, women decided to marry in New York on the 15th of December 2014. They had a wedding. This year they will celebrate the fifth anniversary of their life together. Now women live with their daughters in Miami.
Julia Lemigova walked a long and difficult path to her happiness and eventually met the love of her life.

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