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The girl became famous for selling her dirty socks

British Hannah Kane sold her dirty socks on Facebook and became famous.
So, the girl returned home after sports training and decided to earn some extra money. Suddenly she got the idea to sell her dirty socks through groups on social networks. Kane photographed her socks from different angles and published in London groups in the social network.
The girl set the price at five pounds (about four hundred rubles).
“Many people thought they had hacked me, others threatened to tell my mom about it, while some were genuinely curious if anyone would respond to my suggestion, and if so, what kind of person it would be,” said girl.
The announcement excited Web users, and after 15 minutes, the girl wrote five potential buyers. They all explained the desire to get dirty socks with their fetishes. However, they are interested in buying her stockings and underwear.
After some time, the Briton regretted her experiment, as she received too many strange messages. However, then she decided to sell two pairs of her dirty socks to a man for 10 pounds. After receiving payment, Kane sent the parcel to the buyer.

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