The girl-frontier became famous on the web thanks to its beauty

The photo of a border guard girl from the USA has become viral on the net. This writes Yahoo News.
Members published American picture in which it provided security for the US vice-president  Mike Pence (Mike Pense). “I will not lie, if we throw aside politics, this baby is hot,” wrote one of the users. “She can delay me for as much time as she wants,” wrote another.
The heroine of the photo was found on the social network and introduced herself as Kiara Cervantes. “Wow, I love it! Thank you for support! My work is very hard now, but I am grateful! I like to defend my country! ”- the girl wrote on Twitter.
Some users began to write negative comments on Cervantes, calling her “a concentration camp worker.” Thus, they expressed dissatisfaction with the migration policy of US President  Donald Trump . However, many users supported the girl and advised her not to pay attention to the haters.

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