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The girl showed the right way to quickly learn any subject

A resident of Malaysia with the nickname Clean Dermaroller told about how she motivates herself and her sister to study. She shared this life hack on Twitter.
The girl showed a photo of the folder, several pages in which are laid with sweets. According to Clean Dermaroller, her sister copes better with memorizing the material, if a chocolate bar is waiting for her after a certain number of pages. The author of the post herself admitted that in her case, motivation works better not with the help of Bounty and Twix bars, but with the help of money.
Some users in the comments praised the girl for ingenuity. However, not everyone approved such a way to maintain interest in learning.
“You will receive not only new knowledge, but also diabetes to the bargain,” wrote U / haris. “This is your money. If they were strangers, then you would really be motivated, ”said Syakirah Nasir.
Earlier in May, the network shared unexpected effective tips that make life easier.

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