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The hands of men have become like a tree because of the papilloma virus 

About a rare case tells Live Science.
Mahmud Taluli, 44, has a rare genetic disease – “treelike man syndrome”, which has made skin vulnerable to the papillomavirus. His hands were covered with a huge number of large warts and became like a tree. For ten years, the man could not move his fingers, perform simple actions and did not look the best.
Over the past two years, he underwent four complex operations. Doctors made deep cuts in their hands to remove the affected areas. Then they were skinned from other parts of the body, and the wounds healed slowly.
Recently, Jerusalem doctors conducted an innovative surgical intervention – and most of the growths were removed. Now Mahmoud can manage his limbs with minimal restrictions.

“After many years of suffering and loneliness, I can finally live a normal life, play with my children, attend family activities,” says the man. “You no longer need to cover your hands when I go out to people.”


To restore the limbs even more, the patient needs several such operations. Of course, over time, the tumors will continue to appear, but the man will be able to use his hands for one hundred percent. Doctors also plan to develop a special therapy for Mahmud to restore immunity – and, perhaps, he will be completely cured of his illness.
The reason for the development of “treelike man syndrome” is a failure in the immune system, which does not allow the body to actively deal with HPV. In half of the patients, warty skin lesions are able to progress to malignant tumors. Об этом сообщает Рамблер. Далее: https://doctor.rambler.ru/pharma/42487484/?utm_content=rdoctor&utm_medium=read_more&utm_source=copylink

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