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The human body has helped scientists better understand dark matter

American scientists explained how the human body reacts to dark matter. A new study was reported by with reference to  Science Alert.
So far, physicists cannot precisely explain what dark matter is. According to a new study by scientists from Vanderbilt, she, at least, cannot kill a person. This information brought scientists closer to finding an answer to the question “What is dark matter?”.
American researchers tried to fix at least one death from dark matter. The situation was tracked in Europe, the USA and Canada. The results showed: a person does not die from a collision with dark matter.
The purpose of this study was to try to find out the properties of a substance. Scientists used the human body as a kind of “detector”. Seeing the reaction of the human body in a collision with dark matter, science has better understood the principle of its work.
Dark matter is a substance that cannot emit and absorb light. While passing through the human body, dark matter does not come into contact with carbon atoms.

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