The main premieres of the season: 5 new episodes of this summer 

Continuation of the “Big Little Lie” and not only.
Season 3 “Very Strange Affairs”, Netflix, July 4
The continuation of the American science fiction series promises even more action and color than the first two seasons. The seriousness that is familiar to the picture is suddenly replaced by rather funny and optimistic moments that will breathe new life into the project. As the end of extreme scenes and conflicts in “Very Strange Things – 3” approaches, the monsters will start looking worse – what could be better for horror lovers?
Season 2 “Big Little Lie”, HBO, June 9
The sequel to the beloved series – a surprise not only for the audience, but also for the producers of the picture. In the first season, the creators showed a finished story, which they were forced to continue only because of the overwhelming success of the film adaptation. Undoubtedly, I am glad that the second part is absolutely not inferior to its predecessor, neither in the severity of the plot, nor in the cast, to which Meryl Streep herself joined in addition to Nicole Kidman , Reese Witherspoon and  Shailene Woodley .
Season 4 “Baskets”, FX, June 13
This summer, the fourth season of the comedy television series about clown unlucky Chip Baskets, his slightly more successful twin brother, melancholic girlfriend and mother, came out on screens. The main character is still trying to reach the heights in the professional sphere, but, as usual, he faces a lot of problems and fails.
Season 2 of Sweet Bitterness, Starz, July 14
The continuation of the film adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name about the provincial girl who settled in the best New York restaurant will be released this month. In the story, the young heroine is torn between two male colleagues, each of whom attracts her in her own way. Alcohol and other temptations, to which Tess is so attracted, also confuse her. But in general, the life of a young waitress develops according to the laws of a Cinderella fairy tale, which managed to escape from a small town.
Season 2 of the “Heirs”, HBO, August
The dramatic story about the struggle of adult children for the fatherly corporation for the second season attracts the viewer not only with great acting, but also with extraordinary action. In the sequel to the Heirs, betrayals continue and non-extinguishing fighting flares up. And we can only guess when the war in the family of media mogul finally subsides.

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