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The man died after swimming in the sea

In the city of Destin, standing on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, an elderly man infected a deadly bacterium in the sea, after which he died. His daughter, 40-year-old Cheryl Bennett Wiigul (Cheryl Bennett Wiygul), said that her 66-year-old father Dave Bennett (Dave Bennett) with her mother was her guest. At that time, rumors of a 12-year-old girl spread in the county, who became infected with deadly bacteria in the sea through a wound in her leg. Therefore, Cheryl, before going with her parents to the beach, carefully checked if they had any open cuts.
“Father had no open wounds. “There were only a few scratches on his arms and legs,” said Cheryl Veigul. “We took precautions and were safe, as it seemed to me then.”
After the family spent the day on the beach, the woman’s father stayed up late watching TV. And in the morning I woke up with chills, high fever and cramps. The couple immediately returned to his hometown of Memphis (Tennessee) to get to the local doctors in accordance with the terms of health insurance. All day was spent on it, and the condition of the man rapidly deteriorated all the hours on the way. In the evening, the elderly couple went to the hospital, and doctors found extensive inflammation on the back of the man – a black spot. At the same time, no one in the family had ever seen any wounds or cuts on the back of Bennett. The wife of the patient explained to the doctors that they were swimming in Florida and her husband could catch some kind of infection in the sea. Doctors, deciding that Bennett had staphylococcus, gave him an antibiotic drip. However, this did not help, the man experienced severe pain, the spot on his body increased, and he was transferred to intensive care, where he died. Postmortem analyzes showed that the cause of Bennett’s death was the bacterium Vibrio vulnificus, which penetrated his body through an open abrasion and caused blood infection. His daughter shared the story of her father’s death in social networks in order to warn others about the deadly bacteria in the water of the Gulf of Mexico.

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