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The month of birth can affect human health

The experts found that the month of birth of a person can affect his health. And this is not about the signs of the zodiac and astrology.
Those who were born in January have strong-willed character and leadership qualities. They most often suffer from stomach ulcers, constipation and heart attacks.
Winter birthday men more often reach their goals, but they are prone to thyroid disease, respiratory tract diseases and depression.
Those who were born in spring are most often emotional and have a high level of intuition. People born in March have asthma and heart disease. For April and May are characterized by depression and diabetes.
Those born in summer are called romantics. Most often they suffer from rheumatism, heart disease, arthritis and problems with the thyroid gland.
Those who were born in the fall are pragmatic and straightforward. They often suffer from osteoporosis, migraine and anemia.

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