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The most unusual profession in the world 

The correspondent of the news agency “Express News” will tell you about the most unusual professions that exist in the world. Perhaps after that someone will be able to find their true purpose in life.
The companies involved in the manufacture of chewing gum, there is a post on the evaluation of halitosis. The purpose of the work is to determine the fulfillment of the tasks of chewing gum to remove extraneous odor.
Rich hotels and other establishments host masters in caring for and monitoring ducks and geese that swim in the ponds of the establishment. The master takes the ducks and geese for a walk and makes sure that the guests can communicate with the birds and feed them. The specialist also controls that the ducks and geese do not fly out of the institution.
In America, one company is engaged in the creation of paintings from the ashes of the dead. Artists of the company have specific abilities to create masterpieces. However, the company is silent about where such works of art are realized.
There is a very unusual company in Japan. Her staff apologize to people. On your behalf, the company through agents is ready to apologize to anyone. The most interesting thing is that the company’s employees receive very high wages for this.
In the UK, some hotels hire special people to warm their beds. This service is in demand so that guests, having come to their rooms, can lie down in a warm bed.
In the same place, in England, students work part-time on the agricultural land of farmers as living scarecrows. This allows not only to preserve the harvest, but also to earn some money for students.
In Indonesia, in order to drive on some roads, it is necessary to have more than three passengers in the passenger compartment. Poor people always catch fellow travelers, thereby earning money and at the same time fulfilling the rules of the road.
A number of states that have a maritime border with Greenland have services that drive icebergs away from sailing ships. To avoid a tragedy similar to the Titanic, specialists using towing, crushing and other methods clears the sea routes.
In Finland, in order to determine the comfort of furniture, they hire a professional “Sonya”. Only after his authoritative opinion does it become clear whether it is possible to start up a sofa or a soft bed in production for further sale.
If you are tired of working in a boring office, perhaps the listed professions are waiting for you.

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