The network identified the best questions for the first date

Reddit wanted to determine the best questions for the first date. However, soon along with serious options, some users began to offer and comic, which eventually became the overwhelming majority.
Kckid23 turned to the community, asking him to tell him the best questions to get a better partner. He was asked to ask the person on his first acquaintance about his hobbies in his spare time, and also to ask just in case how he relates to vaccination.
Gradually, however, users began to invent the most incredible comic questions that would help to quickly determine what kind of person is in front of you: ask about unloved vegetables, choose Coca-Cola or Pepsi, answer what he does with a trolley at the supermarket after shopping.
The author of the trade was offered to find out the name of the first pet, the teacher in the second grade, the place of birth and the make of the first car in order to be able to read the emails and personal messages of the partner. Internet services often ask these questions during a password recovery procedure.
Also, kckid23 was advised to ask about the beloved dinosaur and ask the partner not to look at the smartphone during communication. One user noted that while these questions seem inappropriate, they can be an excellent option because they can cause a smile.
Earlier, the author of the blog on Swipe Life, Brianna Holt, told us which questions should definitely be asked on the first date through the Tinder dating app.

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