The new stage of the rally “Silk Road” passed in Buryatia 

In the republic for the event prepared to the maximum. Guests celebrate a rich cultural program, and participants in a racing marathon – a good organization. All the details about how is the second stage of ten.
The further along the route, the more powerful the scale. The day before we admired the number of fans at the start of the stage in the Irkutsk taiga. And the next day we saw the finish place already in Ulan-Ude. Where along the way they also staged an ethnocultural festival.
After all, Buryatia takes the “Silk Road” for the first time. Buryats prepared to receive this race as much as possible. National costumes, cuisine, customs, fun in the form of breaking bones, in general, all the flavor. And, of course, dancing.
“We are happy that such a grand event, an international event came to us in the republic. We tried to show not only the republic, but also the hospitality of Russia. 36 countries from all over the world. I want to show the richness of culture, local people and our broad soul we are pleased and, I hope everyone will like it, ”admitted Alexey Tsydenov , head of the Republic of Buryatia.
But, despite such a picturesque nature, which pilots often point out in interviews, it’s not easier for crews to get away from such beauties. Rather, the naturality of the route in the form of high mountains, taiga and hills only adds complexity.
The stage in Buryatia became a kind of tire lottery. Who will leave the wheels among the stones safe and sound, and at the same time will not lose pace.
As a result, after the second stage, compared with the first, in all categories there is little that has changed. Belarusian Vyazovich continues to hold the lead in the trucks, behind him Karginov on Kamaz. The best among Russians in the Karyakin category of SUVs is so far away – the 24th. As well as Nastya Nifontova, who is in the 20th position in motorcycles. But this is only the beginning! Ahead of the third stage of ten and a new country. The way from Ulan-Ude to Ulan Bator!

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