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The presenter showed the ghost in the mirror and made people jittery 

A shot of Australian radio host Kate Langbroek from an old house in Italy scared internet users. This writes Pedestrian TV.
Langbroek came to see the apartment in Bologna, to which she was soon to move. As the woman pointed out on her Instagram, the apartment is in a house that was built in the 1300s, and the mirrors were most likely made in the 1700s.
The presenter decided to take a selfie with her friend on the background of one of the mirrors. When she looked at the picture, she noticed from behind a strange silhouette, which she considered resembling a ghost.
Subscribers Langbroek seen scared. “Burn it all and don’t look back,” one of the users advised. “Looks like a plague doctor with a mask,” wrote another.
Some noticed that not even one ghost was seen in the mirror, but two ghosts: people noticed a smaller and darker silhouette next to the white ghost. “I know you don’t care, but bring a priest there. Also on the mirror there are prints. This is a sign that the perfume is locked in your mirror, as in the portal, ”warned the presenter one of the users.

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