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The programmer has arranged a controlled reality show on the Internet for his plant 

The American programmer has been running the Takecareofmyplant project for three years now. This is a kind of interactive show in which Internet users vote to decide when to water the plant so that it does not die. Watering is done automatically with Raspberry Pi. Who would have thought that the collective mind would be able to take care of the plant for so long?
As the author of the project said, the idea came to him thanks to an interesting experiment on Twitch, during which hundreds of spectators played Pokemon Red together. Then the programmer wondered whether the chaotic collective approach could support the care of a real living organism?
In 2016, he started sabreddit on Reddit and explained in it what you need to do to care for the plant afelandra. The programmer said that the plant loves moisture, but you should not go too far with it. Therefore, every morning a bot publishes a vote asking whether it is necessary to water the afelandra today. If there are more “yes” answers, the Raspberry Pi mini-computer connected to the water pump automatically activates watering.
As a result, the fate of the plant is now monitored by more than 11,000 Reddit users. And they do it successfully. It should be noted that the original afendra died two years later, not because of Internet users, but because of the move. The second flower is still alive.

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