The queen of boredom caught the bat 

During the summer holidays in the Scottish castle Balmoral, the British Queen Elizabeth II has fun catching bats. Reports the edition about it The Sun.
Bats for many years nest in the rafters of Balmoral. “It’s impossible to get rid of them,” explains English journalist Adam Helliker. – Many servants would like this, because there is bat feces everywhere in the castle. But bats are protected by law, so they cannot be evicted. ”
From time to time, servants gather in the ballroom and hunt the bat. On the advice of Elizabeth II, they catch them with nets, and she encourages the participants with shouts. Then the 93-year-old queen lets the bats out into the street, but leaves the windows open so they can go back to the castle.
“This is one of those things that Balmoral does in order not to die of boredom,” says Helliker. “Lackeys would prefer that there be no bat.” But, in my opinion, we can say that after horses and corgi, bats are the third favorite animal of Elizabeth, although this is less well known. ”
In June, it was reported that the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II left Buckingham Palace because of the invasion of rats. Then in The Sun they wrote that she was “horrified.”

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