The reasons for smartphone battery explosions are named

Specialists of the Center for Digital Examination of Roskoschestvo named the main causes of battery explosions of laptops and smartphones, and also gave tips on how to prevent them. Reports about it TASS.
Battery explosions occur for three reasons: manufacturing defects, overheating and aging gadgets. According to experts, in all devices installed lithium-ion battery. Due to a sharp temperature drop, it begins to produce gas, the battery is inflated or sometimes leaks. In addition, damage or impact may cause the battery to overheat, causing an explosion.
To prevent it, in Roskoschestvo it was recommended to use branded chargers or certified units to prevent the device from overheating, including without starting “heavy” processes for the gadget during charging. The ministry also reminded that gadgets should not be worn in the back pocket of clothes, as there is a risk of a battery explosion due to mechanical damage. When the battery swells up, it cannot be used, as an explosion may occur due to chemical reactions, experts added.
In the event of a battery fire, you must unplug the charger without touching the gadget, or de-energize the entire room, if possible. In addition, the gadget can be thrown into the water or cover it. If the reaction has already begun, the device must be quickly thrown into a place in which an explosion will not cause damage.
Roskoschestvo noted that companies are trying to create a new type of battery with improved energy consumption, a longer service life and a high level of safety.
Earlier in July, a child died in Kurgan due to a mobile phone explosion. He brought a phone from the street and put it on charge, after which the device exploded. The child died from his injuries.

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