The student came up with outfits for the disabled and became famous

A student at the British University of Nottingham Trent has created a special clothing line for people with disabilities. Reports about it Metro.
Ivy Ashwin (Evie Ashwin) showed her collection at the graduation show. During her show, only people with disabilities appeared on the podium.
In developing the collection, Ashwin thought about the problems that such people in the fashion world are facing.
“I wanted a concept that reflected inclusivity and created a sense of community. Each of us has our own requirements for clothes — we want them to be comfortable, ”the student said about her idea. – Through clothes we express our individuality, we join groups, therefore we need fashionable things. When we select the right outfit that improves our appearance, we are well and we are confident. ”
According to the designer, modern fashion brands almost do not take into account the needs of people with disabilities and very rarely produce collections that would suit them. Therefore, the girl made sure that different people could wear her things, regardless of whether they are disabled or not.
In July 2018, Asos Online Retailer introduced a waterproof jumpsuit adapted for wheelchair users. The design was thought out in conjunction with Chloe Ball-Hopkins, a Paralympic Games participant who also acted as a model for the Asos website. She said that “making fashion accessible to all” has always been her dream.

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