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The tea was taken for an exotic bird

Residents of Great Britain took gulls smeared in curry sauce for an exotic bird. Reports the edition about it the Daily Mail.
In the city of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, who wished to remain anonymous, people found a bird near the busy highway that could not fly. Because of the bright orange color, the British decided it was a representative of a tropical species. An acrid odor emanated from the animal.
The bird was taken to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Center. When the experts began to wash it, the color of the animal changed, and they realized that before them was a silver gull that fell into the curry sauce.
Inspection showed that the bird is completely healthy, and she could not fly normally because of the sauce that covered her feathers. The staff of the veterinary clinic noted that this is one of the most unusual situations that they encountered in their work.

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