“They do not understand why and rage” 

If not all, then the majority of Russians already know that it is just necessary to collect the garbage separately, so that it goes for processing, and does not remain at the landfills and is not incinerated in the incineration plants. But how to teach citizens to this procedure? And is infrastructure in Russia ready for this, while separate waste collection is among the priority national projects? “,” publishes monologues of Russians, who sort (or at some point in their life trying to sort) garbage.
“My son himself came to this, with his children’s brains”
Vitaly Rybalchenko, Voronezh
In Voronezh, this thing is constantly sabotaged. Previously, private companies placed containers for plastic almost free of charge into the courtyards, and until the directive came from above – they say, we have a year of ecology, and we collect plastic – everything was quite smooth. But suddenly the authorities began to do this, and suddenly there was no space for these containers in the courtyards, and the containers disappeared. Under all sorts of pretexts, private companies, which were mainly engaged in plastic, began to squeeze out of this market, a large redistribution of the garbage business into big hands began – that is, state-owned companies.
If we talk about our house, everyone in our HOA said: do you need it in FIG? Many companies offer free export – there is a place for a container, a grid, you just collect, we know what to do with this plastic, we would put you containers, just give us space! But our tenants answer: we have a garbage chute – and that’s enough.
Our family did not try to do this before, because they saw that the proper infrastructure was missing. If, as I myself saw, Moscow seems to be putting containers for separate collection at least at railway stations, then nobody here even tried and did not try to do it.
After my son and I were doing a school project on the subject of separate collection, they began to carry plastic into a plastic container, which costs two houses. I constantly because of this accumulate huge bags on the balcony, take up space, and it annoys me. Someone brings waste paper, corrugation, stored in the stairwell – but we, again, do not want to export it for free. Would put the box, you went down, threw it – it does not stink.
But what can I say … When people on my staircase throw bulls on the floor, it’s hard to believe that they will bother with separate garbage collection. It needs to be vaccinated at the school level – like my child, who, as part of his project, talked about the dangers of batteries, plastic, and so on. But yesterday I took out the plastic – the container was almost completely full, which means that someone sorts out the garbage anyway. But again, all this is a matter of culture.

Donat Sorokin / TASS
Russia. Yekaterinburg. Crowded dumpster in the yard of a residential building. The problem with garbage collection in the city was due to the fact that the term of the contract with the old contractor ended on July 1, and the new contractor will begin to take out garbage only from November 1
I came across a topic in the Czech Republic – about 60 or 40 percent of Czechs do not believe in separate garbage collection, although they have five or six containers installed in each house, and since last year they even put a container under the fat so that they don’t poured into the sewer. But they also reduce everything to the need to do educational projects, starting from school, to explain how important this is.
And my son and I decided to do it. The child, who at the time was 8.5 years old, came to a disappointing conclusion that no one needs anything like this in our country (he himself came to this, with his children’s brains). For example, he tried to walk, look for where you can throw off the batteries. And it turned out that you need to go to distant lands, to the center of Voronezh. Fluorescent lamps with mercury content are generally impossible to find where to throw them. Waste paper – except in school, for window dressing, once a school year is handed over, although there is a container-net for plastic on the school playground. And with plastic, as I said, you need to go through three yards.
We, the parents, helped him to dig up all the information about the garbage, how harmful it is, how important it is to recycle it, and we realized that the question was precisely the lack of proper culture among the population. She should be raised just in children. And in terms of feedback to the project from classmates – everyone was very interested. He was taken along parallels, and then they went to contests at other schools with similar projects, and he took first place twice.
The former Voronezh governor Gordeyev, who at least somehow tried to resolve the situation with the separate collection of garbage, has now left his own city, and now it’s a real joints. No conditions for this is created. However, even under Gordeyev, only dotted containers were placed on three types of waste, and recycling collection points could be counted on fingers.
As for whether I am sure that my plastic is really recycled, yes. Basically, these containers and waste paper boxes are set by private contractors. Many of them are taking garbage to Moscow, and there they are already buying compressed plastic, and it is being recycled. Well, in general, recycled plastic is a lot of what goes, so all this is not in vain. For example, it is possible to make container glass bottles out of it, as they do in Germany, you can start up furniture, use it in construction, and in anything.
If there is a garbage chute in the house, do not go to the fortuneteller: if nothing is done by mass agitation, then the tenants of the house will understand nothing and will simply become angry. They do not understand why it is necessary, and, of course, rage. And for campaigning, an advertising campaign needs money. We can have billboards without advertising for a year, they could be stuck with social programs, but nobody does that.
“It looks weird because half the kitchen is clogged with waste”
Ksenia Zhivago, Moscow
For a while I lived in London, and separate garbage collection became a habit for me, it was something natural for me. And when my friends and I rented an apartment in the center of Moscow in 2015, we had the feeling that all these stations and containers are close enough, and we can afford, due to the large wardrobe, to collect paper, glass, banks and take them to processing by car once a month. We traveled from Chistye Prudy to the most accessible station at the Paveletsky railway station.
The main difficulty here is that in a Moscow apartment it is difficult to maintain a sufficient number of tanks. One has to save a lot, because there are few stations for recycling, and it is more convenient to take it out in large volumes than to take it to the station every day. But in order to save it, you need a place, and in our room the entire closet was filled with cardboard and paper very quickly, because there were three of us living in the apartment.
Several times I told my friends who came to visit me that I was sorting garbage. They squinted, looked incredulous and said: “Um, well, okay.” In fact, it looked strange, because the half-kitchen was filled with sorted waste. And our mutual friends very much supported us and understood.

At one of the mobile waste collection points “Separate and use”
Then we all went to their homes. I probably have 2.5 square meters in the kitchen in my new apartment now, so I have no place to physically store sorted trash. I thought that it would be time to resume this practice, I see that there are special tanks in the squares and squares, and I have no such thing near my house. I’m thinking, maybe in the car to collect garbage, at least cardboard? It is not clear where to take a place for him, because I do not have time every day to make three small bags.
Now I see that the city began to put containers for separate collection, and it creates a feeling of convenience, but I do not know if this garbage is really recycled. Although for me, of course, it is important to know whether it will all be recycled, I heard the following opinion: before starting up some processing enterprises, you must first retrain people, and as an average person it is enough for me. Even if I collect garbage for nothing, I will serve as an example for others.
As for the centralized measures that can be taken, the brewing of the garbage chute is undoubtedly wonderful, regardless of whether people are sorting waste or not. In my apartment it is brewed, and this is wonderful. I do not hear the sound of falling bottles four times a day, and that’s fine. Plus it constantly clogs up.
If we talk about how to motivate people, then after all, the city can do the right agitation whenever it wants, some posters, advertising and a comfortable environment, so that it is convenient for a person to come out with a small bag and send garbage to sort. The older generation, of course, does not understand all this, but I think it can be raised through younger relatives and those around them. If a person is given three sorted bags in his hands, and he brings them to the site, on which there are three different containers, after a while he will have this ritual worked out to automaticity.
“Older generation is useless to retrain”
Arina Pismennaya, Moscow
I do not remember when I first heard about the separate collection of garbage – probably a long time ago. I liked this idea, but I didn’t intend to transport waste somewhere far away. However, when containers were placed at our house, we immediately began using them for their intended purpose.
My husband and I both are enthusiastic about this venture. I rather quickly and easily got used to collect waste separately, the only thing is that on plastic one should carefully look at the marking, because there are two variants of plastic that are not recycled at all, and besides, it is necessary to separate the combined packaging. Yes, this really needs to be sorted out, but the habit is developed quickly.
We, however, have problems with my husband’s mother, with whom we live. We collected different types of garbage in separate packages in the corridor, and she constantly threw them into the garbage chute: “Oh, there is a package with garbage, we must endure!” When we tried to explain something to her, she was very serious about this, saying that it’s some kind of whim that we have nothing to do. As a real Soviet person, she believed that “we have enough other problems, and this is for those who are doing well.” The fact is that our apartment is poorly adapted to separate collection of garbage – after all, it is necessary to locate three or four large containers somewhere, but there is no space. And that is why we all sorted into these packages, which, of course, inconvenient and ugly.
How to take out this garbage, I have not seen even once, but my friend saw how they do it near her house. She complained that everyone is dumped in one hole. But I read that they really do sort things out later, because people can’t do everything perfectly. And at the processing plant there are specially trained workers who check everything.

Pressed aluminum cans for further processing in the warehouse of the company “Tiger-Siberia”, which is engaged in separate collection and recycling of solid waste
It seems to me that in our area many people are in a good way passionate about separate garbage collection, because when containers are not removed for several days (sometimes there are lining, apparently), they will overflow, you have to force it with force. But some behave differently. It is worth this thing for plastic, and next is the usual trash. There is a man, drags ten empty plastic bottles and throws them in the usual. What did he have to throw them into the next?
In my opinion, people, especially young people, who consciously approach this problem, can be taught quite easily to do all this, but it is useless to retrain the older generation. Many of my friends are interested in this topic. You know that tetrapack is very difficult to recycle, so you need to collect these boxes for recycling separately? One of my friends saves them for a whole month, and then delivers them to the Winery on purpose. Think how much effort she makes to make a good deal!
But for a start, in order to accustom the majority, it is necessary to make it so that the separate collection of garbage is as convenient as possible. I heard that these containers are so massively set up only in a few districts of Moscow, and in other places enthusiasts have to independently transport waste to distant lands. It must be done so that everyone can leave the house and immediately throw garbage. Bans and fines are the next step, when most will agree to do so. And I think that first of all, everyone who sorts garbage should tell friends about it.
“I especially do not want to strain when you realize that all this does not make sense”
Olga Boyko , Moscow
I thought that the garbage should be collected separately when the first time with the child went to the country. In the same place, it is logical to throw organic waste into compost, burn paper, and throw glass and plastic into a common container at the exit of the gardening community, garbage from which, of course, unfortunately, is not recycled. Here is a separate collection in the Soviet style.
But, of course, you inevitably know what is happening in the world, you know that batteries are better not to be thrown away, plastic needs to be recycled … Alas, where we live, there was no infrastructure for this, and many people say that they saw everything it is discharged into one container and transported to a landfill! I especially do not want to strain when you realize that all this does not make sense. The idea itself is like, but why?
When I went to Spain for the winter, I immediately noticed that there were not single ballot boxes on the street, but with the separation: plastic, glass, paper … And, of course, you throw everything where you want. This is natural – when you come to another country, you accept its rules and follow them. Then I asked the hostess of the apartment, where they throw garbage, she showed. I read them: paper here, glass here, plastic here and some kind of container for the whole row – and began to sort the waste and throw it away accordingly.

Footpath from a tile obtained in the process of recycling plastic bottles and sand in the center of Sochi
By the way, many Russian tourists, who are a dime a dozen there, are throwing everything into this common pile. Yes, and some Spaniards who are not very disciplined in themselves. But it was easy for me to do this, and my daughters and I sorted out rubbish every day and every morning on the way to the store we threw these bags. I quickly got used to sort on the machine. The only thing I did not know was, say, what is tetrapack — plastic, paper? .. But then I looked more closely at the containers and realized what and where. It seems that there was a separate tank for them. And there was also a separate container for clothes, but I didn’t throw anything in there, for obvious reasons.
In Moscow, we do not have special containers for separate collection near the house, so we don’t regularly sort the garbage. But, for example, I collected a bunch of baby food jars and carried them to a reception center, which is located five minutes’ walk from the house.
One friend of mine sorts trash, separates plastic, paper, and so on, even though she knows that all this may be meaningless. She says that the most important thing here is for people to get used to it, and then the authorities will deal with the problem of processing more carefully. I believe in it somehow weakly, but nevertheless she does it. And according to the rules: washes plastic, watching the puzzled looks of colleagues – they say, what are you doing here? After all, even people who know that plastic should be thrown out separately, do not know that before that it should be washed, and no one tells them.
“We just lost”

My wife and I began to sort the garbage as soon as we started living together. Before that, we had a lot of discussions about how to make the world cleaner, and then we watched a program on TV that told about a family that tried to achieve zero emissions. They had their own home, they only bought products in natural packaging; that which could be burned, they burned; what could have gone to compost was transferred to compost — and so on.
We looked, and we just lost. We have made some attempts to minimize the release of garbage – first buy what you do not need to throw away. That is, if you can take a large package, you take it, and there is less garbage from it than from small ones. But it did not work, because it is inconvenient. The product spoils, and you throw away both its and its packaging. The second stage is attempts to take products on tap or in bulk. But I didn’t have enough patience for a long time – then all these jars should be washed, do not forget to take it with you to the store …
As a result, with varying success, some things have returned to normal, while others have remained unclaimed. The first thing that worked out was the disposal of the batteries, because it was easy. You dump them into one pile, and when a giant bag is gathered, you take them to  IKEA or the “Tape” and hand them over. Then we began to donate clothes in a charity shop. When there was little rubbish, they were handed over to IKEA – there were containers for clothes, and if there was a lot of it, it was charit.

As for garbage, we made many attempts to start collecting it separately. Most often it was like this: you try, you have enough for a month – once a week you take all this to an urn, and this was problematic in Domodedovo, where we live. The urn was small, it was necessary to go to the station, besides, they were constantly overwhelmed, as they were rarely taken out. But in the last couple of years we have started some kind of eco-program in the Moscow region, and in each yard we put containers for separate collection of garbage.
All that was required of you was to start a couple of bins at home and lay waste on them. And since there is no need to go anywhere, the difficulties have disappeared. But I ran into another problem. Few people are able to use these containers, and they are thrown there all together, with food waste or not unleashing, without sorting, in plastic bags. And on them it is written that if someone throws it away like that, then this container will go to a regular trash can! And I periodically, it happens, will throw out the garbage and at the same time re-sort the alien. They look at me as a moron, of course, but someone has to do it.
The only negative is that these containers fill up quickly. They are taken out once a week, but after the weekend they are always full, and on Monday no one comes for them. It can be seen that people somehow gather their strength, arrange general cleaning … In general, many neighbors and acquaintances do use these containers for their intended purpose. At first they approached and read what was written on them, then someone started doing it regularly, someone periodically. Sometimes when I come up to throw garbage, they ask me what it is. How to use it? Plus, I am a fitness trainer, and in my group there are exactly ten people who sort waste, and some began to do it even before these containers appeared.
In short, the topic is now popular, but I noticed that it all depends on income. If a person earns good money, he can start sorting garbage. And for some reason people with low income do not sort. I do not know how to explain it.
“There is no garbage mafia in Europe, it’s a good business there”

That was over ten years ago when I lived in Japan. I remember only that the Japanese are very much confused by this, as well as the slippers for the toilet. Fines are big. And pick up the garbage there on a special schedule. God forbid, did not spread out on time, you will wait for the next fence for a long time or you can carry it yourself to the collection point.
Plastic to plastic, glass to glass, food to food. If the packages themselves are not on time, when they arrive on schedule. This is a large room for garbage, there are all sorts of containers. And they have a lot of different types of garbage … I really need to bother. Not four and not six, anymore. But I lived in a family, so I tried not to upset them and do everything in advance, and in general I was young, I was interested.
For Russia, in my opinion, the only way is public-private partnership. Right now, retailers are trying to collect a certain type of garbage, offering discounts on products of various manufacturers. It would be possible to encourage these processes with government benefits. We must build a network of modern automated waste sorting plants. But the main problem is our garbage mafia. You understand that in order to close even the Kuchinsky proving ground, Putin personally had to intervene …
As for Europe, infrastructure was created there, it did not appear yesterday. Nevertheless, it is the Germans and Austrians who create automated waste sorting systems, which increase the cost of initial investment, extend payback, but generally become more profitable for the business, although you first need to spend more than on the incinerator. Plus, in Europe there is no trash mafia, there is a good business. Quite honest, not gray.
And as in Japan, we definitely will not succeed. No This is not our way. We do not change the slippers in the toilet. To understand this, you have to be Japanese.

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