Things in the house that you find only in Russia

Since childhood, we know the famous lines of Fedor Tyutchev: “You can’t understand Russia with your mind, you can’t measure it with a common yardstick …” When foreigners come to the largest country in the world, many people are surprised not so much by the local cuisine, as by the savvy and resourcefulness of the Russian people. Foreign friends pay attention to the extraordinary traditions of Russians, including in everyday life. Some of the things that our compatriots store in their homes completely shock foreign guests. For example, the old tradition of sitting down “on the track.” Superstition says that if all family members sit down and keep silence for a while before leaving or walking, the event will be successful. The tradition makes sense, if only because at this moment of silence one can realize in a “mystical” way that someone forgot the passport, and the plane tickets remained in the kitchen … They collected a list of seven things for you,

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