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“This is a crime”: the head of the channel that insulted Putin is facing a prison 

The co-owner of the Georgian TV channel “Rustavi 2” Nino Nizharadze demanded to start a criminal case against the general director of the channel Nika Gvaramiya after promising to urinate in wine and mineral water, which is supplied to  Russia . According to the shareholder, Gvaramiya deliberately causes damage to the channel and tries to bring it to bankruptcy. So, in July, due to the general director’s statements, Georgian wine-makers went to the rally, demanding his resignation.
Nino Nizharadze, owner of the 9% stake in the Georgian TV channel Rustavi 2, appealed to the Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office to initiate a criminal case against the head of the TV channel Niki Gvaramiya. This was announced by shareholder lawyer George Kavlashvili.
The lawyer said that after studying the documentation of the TV channel, it was established that Rustavi 2 receives less profit than it actually is.
“The fact is that Rustavi 2 cooperates with a certain company Intermedia, which allegedly attracts advertising and receives fabulous money for it, while the channel itself is not getting richer.
We do not exclude that we are talking about abuse of authority by the general director and that there are signs of a crime, ”the lawyer noted, reports TASS.
Nizharadze believes that bankruptcy is the goal pursued by the channel’s management.
Earlier, the co-owner of the company has already demanded the removal of Gvaramiya from the post in connection with the words that he is ready to “urinate” into the products that are being supplied to Russia.
“I wanted to spit on Borjomi and wine. What does it mean, we have to say that  Putin is good so that someone can import Borjomi, wine and Nabeglavi into Russia? I wanted to piss on all three, I do not care. Are we a country or a commercial facility? ”
According to Nizharadze, these statements caused serious damage to the television company, Interfax reports. So, because of the words of Gvaramiya, the wine-makers of the Georgian region of Kakheti held a rally, demanding an apology from the general director for the obscene statements about guilt, as well as his resignation. Participants of the procession blocked the road at the Gombori Pass. “With his statement, Gvaramia insulted not only us, the winemakers, but also the whole of Georgia,” said one of the protesters, Vano Sepiashvili, the local First Channel reports.
Later, the general director of the channel apologized only for mentioning Nabeglavi mineral water, without reason, noting that its producers are patriots, since their share of exports to Russia does not exceed 7%.
The scandal around Rustavi 2, which almost led to a further aggravation of relations between Moscow and Tbilisi, occurred because of the antics of the TV presenter Rustavi 2, George Gabunia , who began his PS PS program with insults to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The journalist swearingly insulted the head of state, and also called him a “stinking occupant.”
Immediately after the broadcast, a spontaneous rally gathered near the office of the television company – hundreds of Tbilisi residents came to the building, outraged by the act of Gabunia, and demanded his dismissal. Despite this, the general director removed the subordinate from the ether only for two months and apologized not for the content of Gabunia’s speech, but for using “so nauseous swearing” on the air.
Gvaramiya also noted that after the incident with the leading rating “Rustavi 2” has grown significantly. He asked viewers to choose another TV channel if they were stung by a journalist’s statement.
At the same time, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili and the country’s Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze condemned Rustavi 2 for what happened. The head of state said that such actions lead “either to the beginning of a new war, or this is a revenge for the endless coup”.
“Patriotism is different, and the protection of the interests of the country by aggression, destabilization and unrest does not occur. He allowed himself that which is not allowed to Georgia! This is called damage to state interests, ”Zourabichvili said.
The Prime Minister also called Gabunia’s statements unacceptable. “What we saw on the air of Rustavi 2 is a disgusting provocation and an attempt to destabilize our country. This is absolutely unacceptable! ”
The Russian side took into account the reaction of the Georgian authorities, but still noted the “aggravation of Russophobic attacks” in the country.
“Together we are witnessing in recent days more and more new exacerbations of Russophobic seizures, and all this is a consequence of the country’s unwillingness or unwillingness to rein in extremist thugs. These are the consequences that we are seeing, ”explained the Presidential Press Secretary  Dmitry Peskov , RIA Novosti reports.
At the same time, Putin did not appreciate the idea of ​​opening a criminal case in Russia against Gabunia.
“A lot of honor – to initiate some kind of criminal case. Let it broadcast further, ”concluded the president.
He also refused to impose sanctions on Georgia out of respect for the population of the country. “Well, one came out, blurted out something, pretending to be something, didn’t know anything about him before, but now they are doing everything, well, in this sense, he achieved his goal. Well, they removed him for two months, he went to rest, then he would come, continue to work. But there are people who will protest against it in Georgia, ”the Russian leader said.
It should be noted that all these incidents occur against the background of aggravating Russian-Georgian relations after the anti-Russian actions in Tbilisi that began in late June. The reason for them was the incident with the participation of the Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov , who arrived in Georgia as part of the Russian delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy, and – at the invitation of the Georgian side – took the place of the parliamentary speaker. This was the impetus for provocations from the opposition.

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