Ticket number 11 – road test online 

Examination traffic rules 2018. ticket number 11 

TICKET number 11 Categories “A”, “B”, “M” and subcategories “A1”, “B1”

Question 1. Which vehicles belong to the route vehicles?
1. Buses (including small, long-distance and school).
2. Buses, trolleybuses and trams designed to transport people and moving along the established route with designated stopping points.
3. Any vehicles carrying passengers.
Question 2. You are allowed to continue driving:

1. Only in direction B.
2. In directions A or B.
3. In any direction indicated.
Question 3. This sign indicates:

1. Distance to the end of the tunnel.
2. Distance to emergency stop.
3. The direction of movement to the emergency exit and the distance to it.
Question 4. To what place is the requirement of this mark?

1. To the nearest intersection.
2. To the place where the “End of zone with maximum speed limit” sign is installed.
3. Until the end of the settlement.
Question 5. This marking on the lane:

1. Provides you with an advantage when moving to the right lane.
2. Informs you that the road turns right.
3. Warns you of approaching a narrowing of the roadway.
Question 6. It is prohibited to overtake a vehicle that has special color-graphic schemes applied to the outer surfaces:
1. Only when you turn on it a special sound signal.
2. Only when the flashing beacons of blue (blue and red) are turned on.
3. In the presence of both listed conditions.
Question 7. Are you required in this situation to give the signal right turn?

1. Are required.
2. Are required only in the dark.
3. Not required.
Question 8. What is the path you are allowed to make the turn to the right?

1. Only in A.
2. Only B.
3. For any of these.
Question 9. You can make a turn:

1. Only along the trajectory A.
2. Along the paths A or B.
3. For any trajectory of the specified.
Question 10. In what cases is it allowed to drive outside the right lane if you are driving a vehicle whose speed for technical reasons cannot exceed 40 km / h?
1. Only when rebuilding before turning left or turning.
2. Only when overtaking or detour.
3. In all listed cases.
Question 11. The driver of the overtaken vehicle:
1. Should slow down.
2. Must shift as far as possible.
3. Should not prevent overtaking by increasing the speed of movement or other actions.
Question 12. Which driver violated the parking rules?

1. Both.
2. Only the driver of the car A.
3. Only the driver of the car B.
4. No one has broken.
Question 13. Do you have to turn right when making a U-turn when turning right?

1. Are required.
2. Not required.
Question 14. In which case you have the right to drive through the intersection first?

1. Only when driving straight.
2. When driving straight and left.
3. When driving straight, left and in the opposite direction.
Question 15. You intend to continue straight. With a yellow flashing traffic light should:

1. Drive the intersection first.
2. Give way only to a truck.
3. Give way only tram.
4. Give way to both vehicles.
Question 16. What is the maximum speed allowed the movement of vehicles in residential areas and in yard areas?
1. 10 km / h.
2. 20 km / h.
3. 40 km / h.
Question 17. Fog lights can be used in conjunction with the low or high beam headlights:
1. Only in conditions of insufficient visibility.
2. Only in the dark on unlit areas of the road.
3. In both listed cases.
Question 18. In what cases are drivers brought to criminal liability for violations of the Rules, entailing serious consequences?
1. Only when causing death to a person.
2. When causing death to a person or serious harm to human health.
3. In the presence of the victim (regardless of the severity of the injuries received by him) or causing major material damage.
Question 19. In the case of a stop on an ascent (descent) in the presence of a sidewalk, it is possible to prevent the car from spontaneously rolling by turning its front wheels to the position:

1. A and G.
2. B and B.
3. A and B.
4. B and G.
Question 20. What distance will the vehicle travel in a time equal to the average response time of the driver at a speed of about 90 km / h?
1. Approximately 15 m.
2. Approximately 25 m.
3. Approximately 35 m.

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