Ticket number 20 – traffic regulations exam online

Examination of traffic rules 2018. Ticket number 20 

TICKET No. 20 Categories “A”, “B”, “M” and subcategories “A1”, “B1”

Question 1. Under what conditions can paperwork about a traffic accident (RTA) be carried out by drivers without the participation of authorized police officers?
1. An accident occurred with the participation of two vehicles (including trailers for them), the civil liability of the owners of which is insured.
2. As a result of the accident, damage was caused only to these vehicles and the circumstances of its causing do not cause disagreement among the participants of the accident.
3. The nature and list of visible damage to vehicles resulting from an accident do not cause disagreement among the participants in an accident.
4. If you have all the conditions listed.
Question 2. Can you enter the courtyard at the intersection?

1. It is possible.
2. It is possible if you live in this house.
3. It is impossible.
Question 3. Are you allowed to stop for a sign?

1. Allowed.
2. It is allowed only for boarding (disembarking) a passenger.
3. Forbidden.
Question 4. Which of the following signs prohibit further movement without stopping?

1. A and G.
2. B and C.
3. B and G.
4. That’s it.
Question 5. What should be guided if the white and orange marking lines drawn on the roadway contradict each other?
1. White lines.
2. Orange marking lines.
3. The rules do not regulate this situation.
Question 6. Did you intend to drive the intersection in the forward direction. What should I do if you do not have time to change lanes in advance?

1. Stop in front of the stop line and wait for the green traffic light.
2. Drive out of the stop line, change lane to the left and stop in front of the intersected roadway.
3. Turn right.
Question 7. What sign is used to designate a vehicle when it is forced to stop in places where, given the conditions of visibility, it cannot be noticed by other drivers in a timely manner?

1. A.
2. B.
3. B.
Question 8. You can turn left:

1. Only along trajectory A.
2. Only along the trajectory B.
3. On any trajectory of the specified.
Question 9. Are you allowed to complete a U-turn with a drive into the yard in reverse?

1. Allowed.
2. Allowed if, in this case, interference is not created with other road users.
3. Forbidden.
Question 10. Indicate the distance by which the Rules mean the distance:

1. Only A.
2. Only B.
3. Only B.
4. A and B.
Question 11. Can you start overtaking a truck in this situation?

1. It is possible.
2. It is possible only after the passage of a traffic sign.
3. It is impossible.
Question 12. What car is allowed to park in the manner indicated on the plate?

1. Only passenger.
2. Passenger and cargo with a permitted maximum mass of not more than 3.5 tons.
3. Anyone.
Question 13. To whom are you obliged to give way when turning left?

1. Only the oncoming car.
2. Only for pedestrians.
3. Oncoming car and pedestrians.
Question 14. When turning right, you should:

1. Give way to a car.
2. Drive through the intersection first.
Question 15. To whom are you obliged to give way?

1. Bus and motorcycle.
2. Passenger car and bus.
3. All vehicles.
Question 16. In this situation, you should stop:

1. At the sign “No stopping is prohibited.”
2. At the sign “Single-track railway.”
3. 5 m to the nearest rail.
Question 17. Fog lights and rear fog lights can be turned on simultaneously:
1. Only in the fog.
2. In conditions of insufficient visibility.
3. In conditions of limited visibility.
Question 18. What administrative measures are envisaged for driving a vehicle on which glass (including coated with transparent color films) is installed, the light transmission of which does not meet the requirements of the technical regulation on the safety of wheeled vehicles?
1. A fine of 500 rubles.
2. Detention of a vehicle and a fine of 1,000 rubles.
3. A fine of 1,500 rubles or deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of 1 to 3 months.
Question 19. How to apply emergency braking if the car is equipped with anti-lock braking system?
1. By intermittently depressing the brake pedal.
2. By depressing the brake pedal all the way and holding it until it stops.
3. By using the parking brake system.
Question 20. When driving along which section of the road, is the effect of a strong side wind the most dangerous?
1. In the closed trees.
2. When leaving a closed area for an open.
3. In the open.

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