Ticket number 23 – traffic regulations exam online

Examination of traffic rules 2018. Ticket number 23 

TICKET No. 23 Categories “A”, “B”, “M” and subcategories “A1”, “B1”

Question 1. How many intersections of carriageways does this intersection have?

1. One.
2. Two.
3. Four.
Question 2. This traffic sign:

1. Warns you of approaching the intersection with the tram line.
2. Warns you of approaching a tram stop.
3. Obliges you to stop immediately before the intersection with the tram line.
Question 3. These signs oblige to maintain a distance:

1. Less than 70 m over 100 m.
2. At least 70 m over 100 m.
3. From 70 m to 100 m.
Question 4. In what directions are you allowed to continue driving?

1. Only directly.
2. Right or left.
3. Directly, to the left or in the opposite direction.
Question 5. Are you allowed to park your car in this place?

1. Allowed.
2. It is allowed only with partial access to the sidewalk.
3. Forbidden.
Question 6. You can continue to move:

1. Only along trajectory A.
2. Only along the trajectory B.
3. On any trajectory of the specified.
Question 7. Is the driver obliged to give signals with direction indicators when starting movement in the residential area indicated by the corresponding sign?
1. Obliged.
2. Obliged only if there are pedestrians in the immediate vicinity.
3. Not required.
Question 8. On what trajectory are you allowed to continue driving?

1. Only by A.
2. By A or B.
3. For any of the specified.
Question 9. On this stretch of road you are prohibited:

1. Just a U-turn.
2. Only overtaking or detour.
3. Only change to the left lane, followed by a stop at the side of the road.
4. Any of the maneuvers listed.
Question 10. Are you allowed to go on the tram tracks in the opposite direction in this situation?

1. Allowed.
2. Allowed only in the absence of an oncoming tram.
3. Forbidden.
Question 11. In this situation, you:

1. Must give way, as the obstacle is in your lane.
2. Must give way, as the oncoming car is moving downhill.
3. You have the right to drive first, as you are moving uphill.
Question 12. At what distance from the sign are you allowed to park your car?

1. At least 5 m.
2. At least 10 m.
3. At least 15 m.
Question 13. What should be done in this situation, if you need to turn right?

1. Stop and wait for another signal from the traffic controller.
2. Turn right, giving way to pedestrians.
3. Turn right, having an advantage in driving over pedestrians.
Question 14. Do you intend to pass the intersection in the forward direction. In this situation:

1. You must give way to a car.
2. You have the right to pass the intersection first.
Question 15. To whom are you obliged to give way when turning left?

1. Both vehicles.
2. Only to the bus.
3. Only for a passenger car.
4. No one.
Question 16. Which of the drivers stopped right for the boarding of passengers?

1. Only driver A.
2. Only driver B.
3. Drivers of cars A and B.
4. Drivers of cars A and B.
Question 17. In which case, when driving in the daytime, the inclusion of daytime running lights is not enough?
1. Only with the visibility of the road less than 300 m in fog, rain or snow.
2. Only when driving in tunnels.
3. In both of these cases.
Question 18. What is required to return a driver’s license after the expiration of the period of deprivation of the driving license assigned for leaving the driver in violation of the Rules of the road of the place of the traffic accident of which he was a party?
1. Only a test of driver knowledge of the Rules of the road.
2. Checking the driver’s knowledge of the Rules of the Road and paying fines imposed on him for administrative offenses in the field of traffic.
3. Checking the driver’s knowledge of the Rules of the road and medical examination of him for medical contraindications to driving.
Question 19. What is the danger of prolonged braking with the gear or clutch turned off on a steep hill?
1. Significantly increased tire tread wear.
2. Increases wear on brake parts.
3. Brakes are overheated and braking performance is reduced.
Question 20. How does the driver’s field of view change with increasing speed?
1. Expands.
2. It does not change.
3. Narrows

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