Ticket number 5 – traffic regulations exam online 

Examination of traffic rules 2018. Ticket number 5 

TICKET No. 5 Categories “A”, “B”, “M” and subcategories “A1”, “B1”
Question 1. How many carriageways does this road have?

1. One.
2. Two.
3. Four.
Question 2. If there is a sign, should the driver give way if oncoming traffic is difficult?

1. Only B.
2. A and B.
3. B and C.
4. B and G.
Question 3. Are you allowed to park in the indicated place?

1. Allowed.
2. Allowed only during daylight hours.
3. Forbidden.
Question 4. Did the truck driver violate the parking rules?

1. Violated.
2. Not violated if the permitted maximum mass of the car is not more than 3.5 tons.
3. Not violated.
Question 5. What does the vertical marking on the road fence warn you about?

1. On the approach to the railway crossing.
2. On approaching a dangerous intersection.
3. On traffic on a dangerous section of the road.
Question 6. Is the driver allowed to continue driving after switching the green traffic light to yellow, if it is possible to stop in front of the intersection only by applying emergency braking?
1. Allowed.
2. Allowed if the driver intends to pass the intersection only in the forward direction.
3. Forbidden.
Question 7. Raised up hand of the motorcycle driver is a signal informing you of his intention:

1. Continue straight ahead.
2. Turn right.
3. Slow down to stop and give way to a passenger car.
Question 8. In what directions can you continue driving along the left lane in a truck with a maximum authorized weight of not more than 3.5 tons?

1. Only directly.
2. Right and right.
3. Directly, to the left and in the opposite direction.
Question 9. You need to turn on the road adjacent to the right. Your actions?

1. Without changing lanes, reduce speed, then change lane to braking.
2. Without changing speed, change lane to braking, then reduce speed.
3. Both options are possible.
Question 10. At what maximum speed do you have the right to continue driving in a passenger car with a trailer?

1. 50 km / h.
2. 60 km / h.
3. 70 km / h.
4. 80 km / h.
5. 90 km / h.
Question 11. Are you allowed to overtake?

1. Allowed.
2. Allowed if overtaking is completed before the intersection.
3. Forbidden.
Question 12. Which of the drivers violated the parking rules?

1. Both.
2. Only driver A.
3. Only driver B.
4. No one violated.
Question 13. You intend to turn around. Your actions?

1. Drive through the intersection first.
2. Make a U-turn, giving way to a passenger car.
3. Wait until the traffic controller lowers his right hand.
Question 14. To whom should you give way when driving in the forward direction?

1. Only tram.
2. Only for a passenger car.
3. Both vehicles.
Question 15. What should you do when turning left?

1. Drive through the intersection first.
2. Give way only to a truck with a flashing light on.
3. Give way to both vehicles.
Question 16. Are you allowed to pass the railway crossing?

1. Allowed, since the on-duty duty officer forbids driving only to the oncoming car.
2. Allowed if there is no approaching train.
3. Forbidden.
Question 17. In what cases is it allowed to use sound signals in settlements?
1. Only to warn of an intention to overtake.
2. Only to prevent a traffic accident.
3. In both of these cases.
Question 18. At what maximum value of the total play in the steering is a car allowed to operate?
1. 10 degrees.
2.20 degrees.
3.25 degrees.
Question 19. What should a driver do when disembarking from a car standing on the sidewalk or on the side of the road?
1. Go around the car in front.
2. Get around the car from behind.
3. Both options are acceptable.
Question 20. When moving in fog, the distance to the objects is:

1. More than real.
2. Corresponding to reality.
3. Smaller than in reality.

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